12 out of 16!

So today also it was a Right prediction with India.
Accuracy at exact 75% as promised.
Please don’t ask ask for Demo…I wont give them…i wont even reply from then on…if u want predictions deposit 3000 & i will happily provide good calculated predictions FOR FULL NOVEMBER.
All the Best.

Have to do something…

I have been silently seeing everything that’s happening here…
The Quality of Predictions have dropped & the comment predictions are very week.
So to take control & help you guys, I have 1 offer:
All big predictions till 1st December in the price of 4000.
So total more than 25 matches in 4000.
This is a good deal for you & me.
Accuracy about 75% & Pre Pay Policy
Group to be made tomorrow & only the 1st 10 people to pay only gets predictions.
So only 10 people can have the predictions if interested contact me on Whatsapp @ 9890888339.
Good Luck.

Here are my recent predictions:


My predictions…


Up to you who want to trust…
For example this guy called Ashish Gagwani (acting like he is controlling the whole game) …& others who say 100% & 200%…who have pics of Daud & Emran Hashmi as their dp.
I am pissed of not because people give wrong predictions… The problem is people who use words like sure shot & 100%.
I am not the best…i might not even be in the top 1000…but its about doing the right thing.
All the Best.