A small prediction competition …

I always had this in mind but could never execute but i have time now so read carefully.

The game is simple u have to guess total runs scored (both innings) in these 5 matches:

Eng v Ind 3rd ODI
SL v Pak 3rd ODI
Zim v Aus ODI
& 2 Women T20

The person closest to the total wins.
Entry fee is 500 & prize money is 4000.
Interested people message me at my Whatsapp.

Some additional rules:
10 people will play.
Deposit till tomorrow afternoon.
If 10 people are not available 80% of pot would be given to the winner.
Money would be given to the winner by Tuesday/Wednesday.
Now most important:

If a match is abandoned without a ball bowled, the number of runs in the previous meeting of the particular teams will be considered.

If only1 team batted & for some overs the RR estimation would be taken.

If both teams bat but for the overs played by each is different, then the RR Estimation would be taken of the teams who batted more overs

Today’s ODIs Predictions:

Ok so far toss went right, Zim loosing but that caused us hardly any damage.
Bangladesh v WIndies match next. Tough one but i will give my best.

Zimbabwe v Australia:
Toss: Zimbabwe
Match: LEAVE THIS GAME IF U ARE IN LOSS. If u are in profit play 1/4 of what u usually bet on Zim. (No prediction, just advice)

India v England:
Toss: England

West Indies v Bangladesh:
Toss: Bangladesh
Match: Bangladesh (The toss went wrong so i think the match could go wrong too, so use this as a second opinion.)

India v England 1st ODI

A few tips for Bet365 about this match:
In Brackets are the odds & next to it is the ratio of amount u should play.

Toss: England (@1.83) 3×
1st Over Runs: 4 & above (@2.0) 2×
Highest opening partnership: India (@2.0) 2×
Most Sixes: England (@2.05) 2×
Most Runouts: India (@3.30) 1×
1st Wicket method: Runout(@9.0) 1×
Man of the match: J.Anderson(@12) or Ben Stokes(@17) or Steve Finn(@17) (1×on each)

Just Based on past matches.

Pakistan Won!

Even at 11 rupee I said I dont change my prediction. But still around 6-7 people changed to SL even when i said pak has hope :/ I just want to say do what u want in League matches but when it comes to ODIs if u have asked for my prediction follow it. Cause ODI is my area of expertise :)
Anyways congratz to those who won :)

Bet365 tips

A few Bet365 tips:

Tennis Inplay 3 times amount on Davide Albertoni to win set 1 @2.20 Wrong.

3rd Game Winner Enzo Cauocand (×10amt) @ 3.4 SUPERRR PROFIT!

Cleared space for new predictions so far 10 tips given yielding
103% profit so far.