Bet365 tips

Hope you guys left after 5 bets & enjoyed 13 times profit as warned…. And those who went greedy in last 2 bets like me suffered small loss.

Bet 1:
Basketball Inplay
Valencia v Sellia
3rd Quarter Total Under 42.5
Rs. 300 @ 1.83
Return Rs. 549

Bet 2:
Basketball Inplay
Orleans v Boulogne
3rd Quarter Total Over 35.5
Rs. 549 @ 1.83
Return Rs. 1004

Bet 3:
Basketball Inplay
Crvena v Union
2nd Quarter Total Under 32.5
Rs. 700 @ 1.83
Return Rs. 1281

Bet 4:
Basketball Inplay
Vasco da Gama U20 v Dragon Force
2nd Quarter Total Over 30.5
Rs. 1200 @ 1.83
Return Rs. 2196

Bet 5:
Basketball Inplay
Vasco da Gama U20 v Dragon Force
3rd Quarter Race to 10 points: Vasco da Gama
Rs. 500 @ 3.60
Return 1800

Bet 6:
Basketball Inplay
BKN Nets v SAC Kings
3rd Quarter Total Over 50.5
Rs. 3200 @ 1.83

Basketball Inplay
Alibrex v Saitama
3rd Quarter Winner Saimata
954 @ 3.85

6 out of 8.

My predictions going at 6 out of 8.
My software’s accuracy is 7 out 8.
So i decided i can sell that software but only for CLT20 so anyone interested msg me.
(Price is a bit high. Sorry
But it will worth every rupee.)

5 out of 6

This is turning out to be the best tournament so far…
Many people ask me y i am charging.
Two reasons:
1) I need the money (obvious reason)
2) When u pay me it is my responsibility to give u proper prediction & hence i try harder & accuracy increases. But when i give free i just do quick calculations & hence low accuracy…

Very Very Important Message

To all my blog readers plz give me ur 5 mins & read till very end.

To all those dumb ppl like Vikram (9798564944) &  Who are saying ki mai public ko lutra hu… Arey Chutiyo jab mai 14 mahine free die tak kaha apni maa chudare the (SORRY FOR MY LANGUAGE BUT SOME PPL NEED THIS)
Waise bhi how much ppl take for 1 match i am taking for full tournament (-_-)

Anyways to all those ppl who asked for free in inbox sorry i said SE & Mi, that was just a guess i didn’t calculate. but to my paid clients i gave calculated predictions for Northerns & Lahore.

I predict after 1st Wicket cause only then my software works & so it gave both right for CLT20. Once i clear my debt i will upload the software for free :)

Here are the screenshots only problem is u have to wait till 1st Wicket.