Only for viewers who want to cover their huge losses.

*If you are not willing to pay for my service don’t read ahead.*
*If you have problem with paid predictors don’t read ahead.*
*If you want trails & demos don’t read ahead*

I know its a long article but its worth reading till the end.

For everyone suffering with never ending losses, you can cover all of your losses by 1st Jan 2016!

Lets understand why people suffer from such losses & how can I help you.

1) They want to play each game & don’t know which games to skip.
How I can help: There are over 300 matches till 1st Jan. I will tell exactly which games to bet & which to skip.

2) They don’t know when to bet how much. Usually they keep increasing their bet amount to cover previous losses.
How I can help: By telling them  how to much to bet depending on the odds, current win ratio, remaining matches, etc.

3) Most importantly they don’t do research & bet without any analytical data.
How I can help: By researching past games, ground statistics, win percentage & other data to make a prediction.

The procedure is simple:
1) WhatsApp or SMS me on 9890888339.
2) I will give you an a/c number, deposit INR 5000 in the a/c.
3) Send a picture of the receipt.
4) I will add you to my group where you get daily prediction & how much to bet.
5) Avail predictions till 1st Jan ’16 & cover your losses.

The best chance to genuinely cover your losses. Think about it.